Connecting regional communities and opportunity

Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation was established to deliver on the NSW Government’s bold commitment to drive economic growth and prosperity in regional NSW through Special Activation Precincts. We work with the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund and the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, who fund and plan these precincts respectively as part of the 20-year Economic Vision for Regional NSW.


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Regional prosperity

Special Activation Precincts will attract significant economic development and job creation through streamlined planning and government-led infrastructure development, supported by a business concierge service.

There are five precincts under development, in Parkes, Wagga Wagga, Moree, the Snowy Mountains and Williamtown. The initial planning and infrastructure for the precincts is being delivered as part of the $4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund.

Two people at Birchwood Cafe, Jindabyne

Industrial area in Williamtown

Engine industries

The NSW Government has identified ‘engine industries’ that will drive regional NSW economies over the next 20 years. These include seven established sectors and three emerging sectors.

Our world-class precincts will support these existing and emerging ‘engine industries’ with a focus on advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and technology-enabled primary industries.

Our values

Our vision is to create sustainable places of economic development and prosperity, guided by four key values:


We build trust by behaving with integrity and doing what we say we will do.


We are honest, open and forthright in our commitments, intentions and conversations.


We have high standards. We invest time and energy, encourage innovation and curiosity and strive for excellence in the way we work and the places we create.


We treat all people, resources and land, with respect.

Special Activation Precincts are about making it easier and more attractive for businesses to set up in regional NSW, create more jobs, and grow our regional engine industries such as freight and logistics, renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, tourism, hospitality and defence.