Final delivery plan for Moree precinct now available

The delivery plan for Moree’s Special Activation Precinct is now finalised. Thanks to the community, business and other stakeholders for their feedback in contributing to this important plan that sets out the precinct’s design, landscaping, infrastructure planning, delivery and proposal assessment.

Download the full version here (13MB)

Individual sections

Section 1: Introduction

Outlines the legislative framework and the process for development proposals to obtain an Activation Precinct certificate.

Section 2: Precinct design principles

Sets out the overarching design outcomes for the precinct.

Section 3: Precinct revegetation strategy

Outlines the revegetation strategy to be incorporated into the precinct's layout and design.

Section 4: Infrastructure

Infrastructure needs and expectations for the precinct.

Section 5: Subdivision design guidelines

Sets out the design objectives for planning a subdivision.

Section 6: Assessment criteria

Performance criteria for evaluating development in line with the master plan and delivery plan.

Section 7: Monitoring, reporting and compliance

Monitoring, reporting and compliance requirements for the precinct.

Section 8: Mapping

This section sets out all the mapping relevant to section 6.