The Williamtown Special Activation Precinct will help to create a defence and aerospace hub, boost the local economy and generate thousands of new jobs for the region. The new precinct will build on the NSW Government’s existing investment into the Astra Aerolab and create highly-skilled, long-term job opportunities that will attract investors, and strengthen the region’s economy. Initially, the investigation area for a Williamtown precinct covered 10,000 hectares within the Port Stephens Local Government Area. As work has progressed, this area has been refined, however the final precinct boundary is not yet confirmed.

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$5 billion
gross regional product, Hunter (REMPLAN, 2019)
Initial investigation area, which continues to be refined

Defence and aerospace hub

The Hunter region has a long history of supporting Australia’s defence industry.

The RAAF base at Williamtown is Australia’s primary Department of Defence fighter pilot training base. It is home to Australia’s F-35 fleet and the Asia Pacific Regional Warehouse for F-35s.

The strategic location of the Williamtown precinct next to the RAAF base, creates opportunities to attract new and existing businesses, like Astra Aerolabs and BAE Systems, in the defence and aerospace industries. The precinct will bring together specialised large scale international prime contractors, small and medium enterprises, and research and development institutions to create jobs and attract talent into the region.

Close up of a RAAF fighter jet in the air, banking right over a bend in the Hunter River, with a second fighter jet in formation in the background, regional NSW, Williamtown

Close up of two workers inspecting the landing gear of an aircraft inside a hangar, regional NSW, aerospace, defence

Education, training and job opportunities

The Hunter has an existing skilled workforce to support defence, aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

The Williamtown precinct will help to attract even more highly-skilled and well-paid workers from defence and aerospace industries that will bring new cashflow into the region, along with education and training opportunities.

Preliminary estimates indicate over 4,300 new jobs could be created by a Williamtown precinct.

The Williamtown Special Activation Precinct will turbocharge the Hunter region’s growth as a national and international defence and aerospace hub.

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